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The Make.TV Playout is a cloud scheduler and playout solution enabling content owners to create TV programs with a mix of pre-produced content and live streams.


How does it work

Schedule your program with a mix of archived footage and live streams and configure item-based events to control ad breaks on multiple output destinations at once.


Plan, manage and schedule 
as a team.

To ensure a maximum of flexibility Make.TV Playout is designed as a collaborative cloud-workspace to manage and plan 24/7 programs. Transfered content or set up live streams can easily be scheduled and organized between library and playlist. To find the correct content search and filter options are linked to the library.

Trim and use elements 
as fill-ins.

Playlist elements can be trimmed to use only a selected part in your playout. If users need to bypass time, e.g. till a live stream starts, elements can be used as fill-ins. Setting an 
end time loops the selected item or trimmed section.

Trigger ad-breaks via API communication.

The integrated API communication with Twitch, YouTube or custom servers enables users to control any possible API call linked to playlist elements and point of time. API events are editable globally enhancing comfort and surveillance.

Distribute to multiple platforms.

Programs can be streamed to multiple destinations like YouTube, Twitch or Facebook at once using pre-defined output templates or setting up a custom connection between the Make.TV Playout and an owned server. Managing outputs users see the current state of the destinations and are able to interrupt single connections as well as stop the playout.


Additional Features


To ensure broadcast stability all files are tethered directly to the playout system. Uploading files via SFTP/HTTP will makes them available in the library.

Meta-data enrichment

XML files are used to enrich the uploaded files with meta information. Additionally meta-data can be edited or added in the Make.TV Playout itself.

Real-time transcoding

While distributing streams to defined outputs Make.TV Playout transcodes the file in real-time. The original footage stays untouched.


Sequences allow users to easily manage repititve orders of elements and insert them at different positions in the playlist.


Make.TV’s technology combined with our experience, content, licensing products and reach in esports we are sure to shape the future of live broadcasts in this space. We look forward to expanding on the current offering as well as evolving our broadcast output.
Benedikt Kraus, Director Business Development IPTV at ESL


Plans & Pricing

We offer free testing accounts as well as professional licenses. If you got any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Demo System

Webcast with Make.TV (30 min.)
  • full system
  • 1 live output destination
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Live System

Per Month
Get 20% discount for yearly payments
  • full system with 3 TB storage identical failover system (synced backup server)
  • 10 live output destinations
  • special volume licenses up on request
  • no setup fee of $149 for long term bookings (at least 3 months)
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Make.TV Playout is part of the Live Video Cloud

The patented cloud engine lets you control signal flows of incoming live feeds to defined outputs like live streaming platforms, newsrooms or production environments.



Best of Show Award at IBC

Make.TV is awarded with the „best of show“ award at europes largest professional 
broadcast show IBC in Amsterdam for its Live Video Cloud technology.